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30 December

We wish you a Happy New Year 2000!

We have just taken new photos of some of our dogs and will start scanning them now, so check back soon!


29 November

We attended the Papillon Club's Show in Aalborg on Saturday, and were very pleased to see Blicci's Purple Haze be awarded her first CC. Congratulations, Mette and Claus! The judge was Mr. Karl-Erik Johansson from Sweden.

Also our puppy, Blicci's Roselil, (Toymaker's Faust - Pepstar's Call Girl) had a very good show, she was awarded Best Baby Bitch Puppy. Rosie, who is almost 6 months, will soon have her own page in the Gallery.


The Blicci Phalene Breeding Class, Herning 1999 (27600 bytes)

11 November

At the Danish Kennel Klub International Show in Herning on 6 November, Blicci's kennel entered what appears to be the first Phalene Breeding Class in Denmark ever! Our class received the prize of honour and later attended the finals. The class consisted of, from left:

The judge was the wellknown breed specialist Kitty Sjong. Photo by Symbios.

Papillon Blicci's Purple Haze had a another successful day, ending up as 2nd Best Bitch with Reserve CC and Reserve CACIB.


26 October

At the Papillon Club's Speciality Show on Saturday 23 October, Blicci's Richesse was Best of Breed Puppy.

Blicci's Purple Haze is back in the show ring and went almost all the way to the top, being 1st in Junior class and 3rd Best Papillon Bitch in show with Reserve CC. Congratulations, Mette & Claus! See NEW photos of Futte on her page.

On the same day, Blicci's Nougat Wonder travelled to Kropp in Germany, where he was Best of Breed! Congratulations to Inge & Bendt!


29 September

We have put yet some more photos of ancestors on our Gallery pages. We are very grateful for the photos we are offered from other breeders as to make our pedigree photo links complete. Thank you very much!... and please do send us a mail, in case YOU should possess a photo of one of those still missing.

At the Danish Kennel Club (Copenhagen Winner) Brøndby International Show on Sunday 26 September, Blicci's Rainbow Wonder got her third BOB Puppy in a row. .... and, no need to mention? Gallinas Romance became Best Veteran.


6 September

We are proud to present our new cover page dog, Blicci's Oui C'est Ça, who has turned into the most beautiful phalene.


15 August

Blicci's Nougat Wonder got his 3rd BOB in a row at the Danish Papillon Club's show in Stepping today!!!

At the Danish Kennel Club's international show in Kolding on 14 August  Danish Ch. Blicci's Nougat Wonder became Best of Breed Phalene - again! And his little half-sister Blicci's Rainbow Wonder became Best Puppy in Breed - again!

Our now 11-year old papillon bitch Gallinas Romance became Best Veteran Papillon as she has been every time she has been shown in this class.


29 July

At the Danish Papillon Club's Speciality Show last Sunday with 60 papillons and phalenes entered, Danish Ch. Blicci's Nougat Wonder became Best of Breed Phalene. Congratulations to the owners Inge and Bendt Christensen!

BOB Phalene (17775 bytes)
From left: BOB Blicci's Nougat Wonder and BOS: Magic Paloma v.d. Johannieterhof

Judge: Mrs. Ingrid Ehold, Austria

Moreover, our phalene puppy Blicci's Rainbow Wonder became Best Puppy in Breed, and our papillon puppy Blicci's Richesse became Best Baby Bitch Puppy.


16 July

Inspired by the old fairytale of Hans Christian Andersen, we have got our own "Thumbelina":

Roselil as Thumbelina (18928 bytes)
Blicci's Roselil at 5 weeks


11 July

Summer holidays in Blicci's Kennel -
and everybody enjoys it!

We wish all our friends a wonderful summer.



Blicci's Rainbow Wonder 5 months

Blicci's Riverdance 4½ months

Fancy & Lilleper (14640 bytes)


28 June

Our puppies are doing just fine and they have got names now.

Line's 3 girls are named Blicci's Ray of Light, Blicci's Roses are Red and Blicci's Roselil.

Bella's boy is named Blicci's Royal Flush and the girl Blicci's Royal Beauty.

New photos of both littters will be published soon!

11 June

2 new papillon litters are born in our kennel.

22 May

Blicci's Rainbow Wonder, Blicci's Riverdance and Blicci's Richesse have now got their own pages in the Gallery. And Blicci's Nougat Wonder has got a new photo on his page.

13 May

The Danish Kennel Club show at the "Bakken" resort was - again - a super day for our kennel. Our 3 puppies had their show debut and did very well.

Blicci's Rainbow Wonder 3½ months (19120 bytes)

Blicci's Rainbow Wonder with her life's first prize rosette!

3 May

At the international show in Vissenbjerg we got two major successes:

Blicci's Nougat Wonder received his third CC and is now a NEW DANISH CHAMPION. He also received the CACIB and went Best of Breed under judge Mrs. Hanne Laine Jensen. Congratulations to Inge & Bendt Christensen, who are the happy owners of Nougat.

BOB Phalene Vissenbjerg 99 (25186 bytes)

Best of Breed Ch Blicci's Nougat Wonder with his owner Inge Christensen, and Best Opposite Sex Ch Inkies Keepsake Katie with her owner Kitty Sjong

And our lovely 10-year old bitch Gallinas Romance was Best Veteran papillon and after that went 2nd Best Veteran in Show under judge Mrs. Pamela Cross Stern, England. "Mimi" has attended the two first international Danish Kennel Klub shows this year and was both times placed as 2nd Best Veteran in Show!


28 April

There's a lot to do in the garden right now, and on the photo you can see our phalene Blicci's Little Wonder and her daughter Blicci's Rainbow Wonder busy working...


Blicci's Little Wonder & Blicci's Rainbow Wonder (24464 bytes)

12 April

Our tricolour papillon puppy Blicci's Riccadonna moved to her new home in the Copenhagen area. As she looks indeed very promising, we look forward to follow up on her in the time to come! The other two puppies from this litter, Blicci's Richesse and Blicci's Riverdance, will stay with us so far. They both represent the dainty, small-medium size type of papillon with sweet heads and fine bone.

10-11 April

Two shows were held in Næstved on this weekend. At both shows, Blicci's Nougat Wonder got CK (certificate quality) and was placed in the winner class "best male dog, phalene".

Blicci's Purple Haze made her debut in youth class bitch, papillon, where she was placed in her class both days, on Sunday as 2nd with CK.

27 March

Blicci's Nougat Wonder went to Germany last weekend and received his first German CC at the Toydog show in Kropp. Congratulations!

21 March 1999

How time is running! Our phalene puppies were 8 weeks on Friday, and the 3 boys have moved to their new homes during the weekend. The girl Blicci's Rainbow Wonder will stay with us so far, she is very promising and in fact looking exactly like her mother Ch Blicci's Little Wonder did at that age. We are very pleased with this litter of puppies who have all a super temperament, and send our best regards to daddy Ch Stand-By Entertainer and his owner Karen-Margrethe Fabricius at kennel Crown's Best in Haslev.

7 March 1999

All dogs in the Gallery now have their pedigree included on the page, and you can find photos of many of the ancestors in the pedigrees.


21 February 1999

Results from the Danish Papillon Club Show in Dømmestrup 21 February:

We only entered Gallinas Romance (Mimi) and she became Best Veteran again. 

Sven's daughter Christina won the Junior Handling class 12-17 years with Mimi. Congratulations Christina!

Judge: Leif Lehmann Jørgensen

Christina&Mimi.jpg (21426 bytes)


Blicci's Purple Haze (18809 bytes)

Blicci's Nougat Wonder (16675 bytes)

Blicci's Purple Haze
Best Puppy in Fredericia
Congratulations to the owners!
Blicci's Nougat Wonder
Best of Breed, CC
and CACIB in Fredericia
Congratulations to the owners!

15 February 1999

Results from the Danish Kennel Club International Show in Fredericia 14 February:

So it was quite a fantastic day for our kennel. Thanks to Inge  for entering and showing Nougat so nicely, and also thanks to Claus for your efforts with little Futte, a bit overwhelmed by this huge show hall (with more than 2,900 dogs entered) but her qualities made the difference! As to 10-year old Mimi, she enjoyed the day and represented the breed in the best possible way in the Finals Show Ring, where she was only beaten by a Pharao Hound.

15 February 1999

As you have maybe already noticed, we are just now updating the dog pages in the gallery, so they will now include a 3-generation pedigree and one or several additional photos of the dogs behind. Some of those photos of wellknown stud dogs and brood bitches have never been published before.

13 February 1999

Our papillon puppies are born! .

1 February 1999

Blicci Papillon & Phalene has now been on the net for 3 weeks, and we are overwhelmed by the positive reactions we have received on our website, both from the guestbook and from e-mails sent to us from all over the world. Thank you everybody! (Everyone who writes will of course get a personal reply).

After only one week, before our site was even complete, we received our first site award, the CARATOOTS BEST DOG SITE AWARD from Kaj Gänger in Sweden. This was a real encouragement, after having had a bit of a struggle making the pages! And now, this morning, the cutest thing popped up in our mail: LILY'S GRRREAT SITE AWARD. A brand new award instituted by Elina Lahti, Sultan's Palace in Finland, and her phalene Lily! We are proud to hear that we are the first site to receive this one. Thank you very very much! You can see both awards on our Links page, and do take the opportunity to visit Caratoots and Sultan's Palace, those sites are just grrreat too!

1 February 1999 - Our puppies are growing......

Our phalene puppies born on 22 January now look like small marzipan piggies, as we say in Danish. Photos will be published soon!

22 January 1999

It was Jane's birthday, but it was also the birthday of our phalene puppies, 1 girl and 3 boys! .

1998 Events - a Fantastic Year for Kennel Blicci

The year 1998 became one of our most prosperous years in the show ring, mainly due to the fact that our two bitches came on top of the Danish Papillon Club's contest of Most Winning Dogs of the year.

Top Winning Papillon Bitch 1998: DKCH SCH INTCH KBHV96 NORV96 KLBCH Inkies Incredible Isabella,  and

Top Winning Phalene Bitch 1998: DKCH SCH WA97 INTCH KLBCH Blicci’s Little Wonder

New Champions in 1998

Lotte became Swedish champion at an international show in Malmö in March. Our other phalene bitch, the very dainty DKCH Hopalong Mary Lou, got her third CC in May and thus became Danish champion. "Lulu" became Top Winning Phalene Bitch No. 3 1998.

Veteran On Top

At an All Breeds Show in Stestrup on 15 November our lovely 10-year old papillon bitch Gallinas Romance became Best Veteran in Show No. 2.

"Mimi" had not been shown for a long time, so we were very proud, and Mimi will surely be back in the ring this year, mainly because she still seems to enjoy it.

Photo: Gold Wing

Jane and Gallinas Romance (15253 bytes)


Look out for our New Stars

28 November was a lucky day for our kennel at the year's last Papillon Club Show in Aalborg. 

Best Puppy in Show was Blicci’s Purple Haze, owned by Mette and Claus Holm. "Futte" is a daughter of  "Bella" and has a lot of a her qualities.

Best Veteran in Show became Gallinas Romance, see above.

Blicci's Purple Haze (15529 bytes)

Another great success at this show:  Phalene Blicci’s Nougat Wonder, owned by Inge and Bendt Christensen, got the Dog CC and ended up Best of Breed in very keen competition. "Nougat" is out of Lotte and he is a really elegant young dog, and we look forward to seeing him again  at the Danish Kennel Club Int. Show in Fredericia on 14 February.

We we very pleased with these wins, especially because the judge is a highly estimated breeder, handler and papillon expert, Sean Carroll from Ireland. All 3 dogs received beautiful rosettes in the Irish colours from Sean Carroll, as appears from the photos.


Inge and Blicci's Nougat Wonder (17092 bytes)

Photo: Sven Thrysøe

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