Papillon & Phalene Kennels - Papillon & Phalene Kenneler

Danish flag   Gallinas Papillon
Danish flag   Gold Wings Papillons
Danish flag   Liko Phalenes
Danish flag   Kennel Maison Royale - Papillons
Danish flag   Rosy Wings Papillon & Phalene
Danish flag   Kennel Troldalfen - Papillons
Danish flag   True and Trusty Papillon
Swedish flag   Alpcocks Kennel - Papillons
Swedish flag   Kennel Candygolds - Papillons
Swedish flag   Caratoots Swedish Papillons
Swedish flag   Caspian's Kennel - Papillons
Swedish flag   Destiny Height's Kennel - Papillons
Swedish flag   Johtina's Kennel - Phalenes
Swedish flag   Kennel Lamonia's - Papillons
Swedish flag   Lindatorps Kennel - Papillons
Swedish flag   Kennel Menine - Papillons & Phalenes
Swedish flag   Noble Nadirs Kennel - Phalenes
Swedish flag   Pappilove's Kennel - Papillons
Swedish flag   Queenwing's Kennel - Papillons
Swedish flag   Kennel Seize The Day - Papillons
Swedish flag   Kennel Silenzio's - Papillons
Swedish flag   Kennel SilkesLena - Papillons
Swedish flag   Sjuströmmars Kennel - Papillons and Phalenes
Swedish flag   Thairghays Kennel (Phalenes)
Swedish flag   Kennel Whispering Valley - Papillons
Swedish flag   Vittoria's Kennel - Papillons & Phalenes
Norwegian flag   Freetains Kennel - Phalenes
Norwegian flag   Kennel Taspitir - Papillons
German flag   Papillons vom Cavalierchen
German flag   Hundebuden's Papillons
German flag   Nightfire's Papillons
German flag   Papillons vom Schwabenhof
German flag   Sweet Angel Dreams - Phalenes
German flag   Tila's Papillons
German flag   Topasar Papillons
English flag   Babrees Papillons
English flag   Cordonrouge Papillons
English flag   Lafford Papillons
Irish flag   Pipistrelle Papillons
Swiss flag   Elram's Papillon Kennel
belgium1.jpg (1028 bytes)   Di Papalino Papillons and Phalenes
nethland.jpg (990 bytes)   Up And Down's - Papillons and Phalenes
French flag   The Costalina Papillons
French flag   Epagneul Phalenes des Charmes d'Antan
French flag   Elevage d'Euskadi - Papillons
French flag   Seigneurs de la Vallee - Phalenes
  Zofury Kennel - Papillons
  Ambre Doré, Papillons
  Kennel Taurapilis - Papillons and Phalenes
poland.jpg (986 bytes)   Forussi Papillons
poland.jpg (986 bytes)   Lilly's Papillon
  Darfil Papillons
Canadian flag   Annacott Papillons and Phalenes
Canadian flag   Diamondsun Papillons
Canadian flag   Fantasy Papillons
Canadian flag   Flinters Papillons
US flag   Baypalms Papillons
US flag   Blairwynn's Papillons
US flag   Clearlake Papillons
US flag   Copella Papillons
US flag   Disyre Papillons
US flag   Dreampaps Papillons
US flag   Elida Papillons
US flag   Forevr Papillons
US flag   Hallmark Papillons and Phalenes
US flag   Harts Papillons
US flag   Involo Papillons
US flag   Krystal Papillons
US flag   La Ren Papillons and Phalenes
US flag   Loteki Papillons
US flag   Marichin Papillons
US flag   WayToGo Papillons
US flag   Wildfire Papillons
US flag   Xanadu Papillons
  Maison Della - Papillons
Australian flag   Mondelise Papillons

Dog Organisations and Clubs -
                                        Hundeorganisationer og -klubber

Danish flag   DKK Dansk Kennel Klub / The Danish Kennel Club
fci.jpg (1395 bytes)   Federation Cynologique Internationale
Danish flag   Papillon-Phalene Klubben under DKK / The Danish Papillon / Phalene Club
Swedish flag   Svensk Kennel Klub / The Swedish Kennel Club
Swedish flag   Papillon-Ringen
Swedish flag   Phalènesällskapet
Norwegian flag   Norsk Kennel Klub / The Norvegian Kennel Club
Finnish flag   Finsk Kennel Klub / The Finnish Kennel Club
Finnish flag   Finsk Papillon & Phalene Klub / The Finnish Papillon & Phalene Club
German flag   Verband Deutscher Kleinhundezüchter e.V.
US flag (1054 bytes)   Papillon Club of America
US flag (1054 bytes)   American Kennel Klub
US flag (1054 bytes)   The Westminster Kennel Club

Other Interesting Links - Andre spændende links!

English flag   Deirdre Ashdown
Danish flag   Din Mobile Dyrlæge
Swedish flag   Marie Adler Design
US flag   The Global Papillon Pedigrees Organization
US flag   Studio L'Image -
Quality dog figures by Nancy Miller Pinke
US flag   Brian Livingston, Professional handler
French flag  
US flag InfoDog
US flag Jack Bradshaw Dog Show Superintendents
US flag Jack Onofrio Dog Show Superintendents


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